Info and Facts about Platypus: The most unusual animal on the planet

Platypus Habitat

Recently, platypus can be found mostly in Eastern Australia, although in the past he used to lived also in the western part of the continent.

It is not very easy to be spotted, as it doesn't like areas populated by people.


In Australia, platypus populations occur in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland to about as far north as Cooktown. In South Australia, apart from an introduced population surviving on Kangaroo Island, the species is considered "rare and possibly extinct in the wild."

Officially classified as "common but vulnerable" in Australia, the platypus is not considered to be endangered although platypus populations have declined or disappeared in many catchments, particularly in urban and agricultural landscapes.

Platypus were widely killed for their fur until the early 20th Century, but are now protected by law throughout Australia.